How to Get the Best Currency Conversion for Your Nairobi Package Tour from India

Nairobi Package from India to Kenya

Planning a trip to the Kenyan Masai Mara is exciting. The thrill of being so close to wild animals is like no other. If you can catch live wildebeest action in Jul-Oct the better.

You’ve probably figured out who you’ll take with you and when you want to come down to Kenya for safari but what do you know about the exchange rate? How does your budget stack up against the Kenyan shilling?

How will currency conversion affect your safari? Here’s a simple guide to ensure you can get the most out of your Indian rupees as you chart your 2023 safari.

Acceptable Currencies

Converting Indian currency to Kenyan currency
Fifty Kenya shillings note

Kenya’s local currency is the Kenyan shilling typically abbreviated as Kes or Kshs. It’s accepted everywhere—whether that’s at the lodge, in city restaurants, shops, or transportation.

Presently 1 inr equals 1.73 Kenyan shillings. Since currency conversion rates fluctuate, you’ll want to keep an eye on the exchange rate especially closer to the time of your booking. It will ensure you use the correct INR to Kenyan shilling rate for your bookings.

Converting Indian currency to Kenyan currency
Fifty Kenya shillings note

The U.S. dollar, Euro, and British pound are also accepted by airlines and major lodges and resorts. It may work out cheaper to use foreign currency than the Indian rupee on your trip.

Paying for Your Tour

Nairobi currency conversion options
Paying in Kshs is better than using Rupees

Most safari packages (lodging and transportation) quote their prices in USD. So, rather than convert Indian rupees to Kenyan shilling to make payments, convert INR to USD directly.

Once you arrive in Kenya, you can convert currency at the airport, exchange bureaus, major banks, or upmarket hotels.

Airports mark up their rates because they know that most travelers need local currency on the spot. If you have time, get your INR to Kes conversion at a bank for a better rate.

Nairobi Package safari payments options
Banks offer better exchange rate

Be sure to get Kes in diverse notes (1000, 500, 200, 100, 50) to make tipping, shopping for souvenirs, or eating at local restaurants easier.

Have some cash on hand as you may find a visit to the bar or activities like hot air balloon safaris or water sports activities cost extra.

Using Credit Cards

Paying for safari using credit cards
Visa & Master Cards are acceptable in many places

Credit cards are used widely but smaller camps or rural shops and hotels may not accept them. The ones that do may limit their options to Visa or Mastercard and charge an unfavorable exchange rate for it. 

Actually, even larger lodges, hotels, or shops may prefer Visa and Master Cards over any others.

Discuss this beforehand with your tour operator to minimize disappointment and unnecessary charges. As previously mentioned we recommend that you convert Indian currency to a more suitable currency to make your stay smooth.

Working With Professionals

Booking the best Nairobi Package safari
Elephants strolling in the wild

Many tourists flock to Kenya around Jul to Oct to capture the wildebeest migration action. However, Kenya is the perfect year-round tourist destination, providing attractions in Jan, Jul, or Dec.

James Gatheru, our senior safari consultant is well-versed in the exchange rate, Indian rupee, and Kenyan shilling currency conversion. He will help you find an ideal currency converter to ensure you use the correct INR to Kenyan shilling rates.

He’ll share our most booked 2023 safari packages for the Jul to Oct season alongside all the information needed to plan the best Nairobi package.

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What is the Best Indian Rupee Currency Converter

You can find several Indian rupee currency converters online but we recommend looking at banks as they will provide better rates.

Can I Pay Using the Indian Rupee?

Most tourist packages are priced in US dollars or local currency. In the end, you should choose the option that works out cheapest for you.

When is the Best Time to Book my Nairobi Package?

Nairobi city is alive every day. If you plan to head to the Masai Mara from Nairobi then Jul to Oct is the best time.