Welcome to Masai-Mara.in

We are THAT travel company; accomplished and proficient, with bucket loads of experience creating transformative Masai Mara and Kenya travel experiences. Our team of travel experts, all born and raised in Masai Mara Kenya, orchestrate safari experiences that influence you beyond the duration of your stay. Our plan is to have you see the big 5, the big cats, and to connect you with the history and culture of the people you meet.

Who Are We?

We are MasaiMara.in, a wholly owned subsidiary of AJKenyaSafaris.com ltd. AJKenyasafaris.com ltd is a Nairobi-based tour company that is fully licensed by the Kenya Tourism Regulatory Authority. We have over 10 years of experience planning the best Kenya safari holidays from India and we also own kenyaluxurysafari.co.uk and Masaimarasafari.in. With us, you will explore Kenya with the local experts of travel. Our promise? We will show you Kenya, better than anyone else.

Meet The Team

We are more than just a team; we are a family bonded together by our shared love for Kenya. But we do have standar/*-ds, very high standards, which every proposed member must attain before joining the family. Our safari experts must display knowledge of destinations through written assessments. This way, we are sure that our clients receive only the best advice and recommendations./

James Maina

CEO AJ Kenya Safaris

I can’t precisely point at one moment in time and say that that is when my love for travel began. My love for travel was a fire sparked by a million specks scattered unevenly throughout my life. 

But I remember feeling trapped in the tiny village I grew up in as a young boy. I remember wanting to explore more, to discover what lay beyond the horizon. 

Years later, I am taking a degree in Tourism, and shortly after, I am founding AJ Kenya Safaris. These days I manage the company’s overall operations. This includes, but is not limited to delegating agendas, managing the company’s organizational structure, and monitoring profitability.

Most Memorable Travel Experience

It has to be Mara’s hot-air balloon safari. I am a man of many words, and this one left me dumbfounded. The sunset, the bird’s eye view of the wildlife and scenery- it was all so surreal.

Agnes Nyaguthii

Travel consultant

No one ever grows up thinking they want to be a travel consultant. At least that was the case for me. I sort of landed into a profession, the kind of landing they call a happy accident. 

You want to hear more about how that happened? Well, here it goes. 

It all started many moons ago when I was taking a degree in Finance. One fine Friday morning, a friend convinces me to tag along for her ‘Travel Club’ meeting. That is how I met James, our CEO, and that is the short story of how I became an AJ Kenya Safaris travel consultant. 

I listen to your wants and needs and recommend suitable travel. I also help you plan trips, keep you up to date with our travel packages, keep financial documents, and handle all your complaints. 

Memorable Travel Experience

Skydiving in Diani. When I close my eyes and go back to that moment, and that is often-, I can still feel the pressure and temperature change on my skin. I can still feel that cool rush of wind against me. I would go back in a heartbeat.

Harrison Kamau

Travel Consultant and Co-founder

I come from an old lineage of travel experts and always knew I’d pursue a career in the industry. It was either I consulted or owned my own company, and what do you know, I accomplished both. 

I took a degree in tourism at Nairobi University, interned for a reputable international travel company, and later helped James co-found AJ Kenya Safaris in 2002. 

Sitting in the big boss chair was fun for some time, but it got ‘boring’ soon after, so I took on the consulting role. 

I work closely with Vicky to plan travel packages, maintain good client relations, organize travel packages, and promote/sell tour packages. 

Most Memorable Travel Experience

I was inconsolable when I met Fatu and Najin at the Ol Pejeta. These two are the world’s only remaining northern white rhinos!

Souvik Das

Tour Agent

I was fourteen when the travel bug bit. Fourteen newly migrated from India and absolutely smitten with this new country. 

I remember visiting places like the Nairobi National Park and pleading with the time gods for the day to not end. A few years later, I was taking a Tourism degree at Kenyatta University, and shortly afterwards, I stumbled upon an AJ Kenya Safaris job posting on the internet. 

My job is easy and rewarding; to ensure clients are well entertained and informed on tours, ensure their safety, and ensure that itineraries are met.

Most Memorable Travel Experience

I remember going to the Nairobi National Park for the first time. I was mind-blown by the breathtaking city views, the wildlife, the diverse vegetation, and how the three seamlessly combine.

Gladys Mwangi

Tour Agent

I was born and raised in Nairobi, and after finishing high school, I took a gap year where I followed my dad all through the country. Slowly my passion for travel began to grow, and it soon became impossible to dream of a career other than tour agenting. 

After that, I took a degree in tourism and management and worked with several local tour companies before joining AJ Kenya Safaris. It has been ten years since I joined the team here, and it has been the absolute pleasure of my life to guide tourists into loving Kenya as much as I do. 

Most Memorable Travel Experience

It has to be that sundowner in the Amboseli National Park in 2009. That was the first time I got up close to an elephant. As everyone knows, elephants are enormous but standing right there, so close to one; I’ve never seen a creature so humongous.

Lynette Kangethe

Tour Agent

Call me naive, but I never really thought that tour agenting was a real job. You know, kind of the way you think water slide testing is not a real job. Like yes, people do it, but it’s not a gig that can earn you a solid income.

Well, that changed in 2009 when I lost my job. I was like ten job rejections when I received a call from a job I had applied to months earlier. James liked that I was in the hospitality industry and thought I was the perfect match. 

I took the job, and it has been the happiest, most fulfilled I have ever been. I am an expert in the Masai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo, Samburu, and Lake Nakuru National Parks. 

Most Memorable Travel Experience

Samburu. It’s so laid back and breathtaking.

Henry Kuria

Tour Agent

My mom says that I was so eager to explore that I started to walk at nine months. I haven’t stopped since and (humble brag alert) was genius enough to turn my passion into money. 

I have been with AJ Kenya Safaris for 15 years and have had a fantastic time taking tourists to destinations and lending them my perspective. 

Most Memorable Travel Experience

One time I got chased down by an ostrich at Ol Pejeta. It rarely happens, and I was all in her space in Ostrich’s defense. Still, it’s a moment I won’t live down.

Armstrong Kimathi

Tour Agent

My name is Kamba for ‘the one who travels’, so really, it was written in the stars. I love traveling; I love Kenya, and I get a serious dopamine boost when I show it to others. I have been a travel agent at AJ Kenya Safaris for almost a decade now, and it is the most fulfilled I’ve been. 

Most Memorable Travel Experience

I went on a hot-air balloon safari in the Mara last year. Now, it’s a known fact that the Mara is stunning, but hot-air ballooning over it floors your jaws. It’s immaculate!

Eva Njogu

Content Strategist and Writer

Finally, you get to meet me! Hi, I am Eva, the AJ Kenya Safaris’s trusted and reliable writer. Have you gone through some of our itineraries and packages? Yep, it’s me; I did that.  I also write compelling landing pages and sales pitches and plan content.

Moses Wachira

Digital Marketing Director

Every business must have a solid social media presence in this highly digitalised world. AJ Kenya Safaris is no different, and I am the lady with the magic wand in our company’s digital marketing department. I am responsible for planning, managing, and developing the company’s digital marketing strategy. I am also in charge of a marketing team of five.